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TRENDYone: You have been managing director of the Honold Logistik Group since 2002. What did your career look like before?

Heiner Matthias Honold: After graduation I completed an apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant in Hanover and at the same time studied BA in Hanover and Augsburg, which means that I am a business administration graduate and a graduate in business administration. Immediately after completing my studies, I came to Honold, where it was great from the beginning. We needed it here, and there was no generational conflict, and honold quickly developed relatively well.

TRENDYone: What developments and changes have you been particularly proud of since 2002?

Heiner Matthias Honold: It’s always a team effort. So we did a lot together. In retrospect, we quadrupled the number of employees, increased the profit severalfold and, above all, increased the balance sheet total extremely. We have invested heavily over the years. We are well positioned and very proud of this development.

TRENDYONE: Is it planned for one of your children to join or even take over the business?

Heiner Matthias Honold: I have three children, who are still relatively young. Of course one always plans with regard to the next generation. We are the oldest Bavarian logistics company and I hope, of course, that someday one of my children will take over. But when they say to me that they do not want that, I can fully understand that. Such companies also mean stress and a lot of responsibility, because you also move large sums. Personally, I would do it again at any time.

TRENDYone: To what extent is your father still involved in the company?

Heiner Matthias Honold: He is still very involved, involved every day in the office and every important decision. We have never had a father-son conflict, but a very good relationship and no problems.

TRENDYone: Has the logistics industry changed since you joined the company?

Heiner Matthias Honold: The industry has changed a lot. At the beginning of 1998 we had a bit of the luck of the “First Movers”. We were very active and could develop very well. Meanwhile, however, many providers have changed from pure forwarding to logistics. In addition, the logistics industry has more and more good and competent providers. However, we believe that the Honold Logistik Group can implement the most technically demanding projects in southern Germany – as our customers show.

TRENDYone: What do you think the future development of logistics looks like?

Heiner Matthias Honold: I believe that this boom is slowly slowing down now. You can not always outsource, you can already see that in the personnel structure. For example, we have now hired 150 new employees in Augsburg. In addition, all are paid professionally. The logistics will therefore be higher quality, there will be fewer tenders and customers maybe even insourcen more.

TRENDYone: What makes you particularly happy about your job?

Heiner Matthias Honold: Every day is something different and new. Meanwhile, we also have many young people in good positions, and it’s fun to see them go forward. It is also nice to see that one can always surprise a customer with professionalism because he is not used to it.

TRENDYone: What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Heiner Matthias Honold: There is not a lot of free time there, I have a big family and I am happy when I can ride a bicycle with my children. I play the piano and jog a lot. So when I have free time, I try to spend it with my family. Do you have a personal role model? • Personal role models are certainly my father, my grandfather with their outstanding lifetime achievement. If I come in a similar direction, then I have achieved a lot.

TRENDYone: Where do you see yourself in ten to 20 years?

Heiner Matthias Honold: So far, I would like to shoulder far less responsibility than now. My grandfather moved to the mountains at the age of 50, I can easily imagine. Also, in 10 or 20 years, I would like to be able to realize a big social project just to give something back. When I see orphans or single mothers, I feel the need to make a difference in this area. At the moment we can not easily finance an orphanage, but maybe I can start a foundation in twenty years.