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Mayor and economic promoter visiting our location in Barsinghausen

Factory visit: Honold branch manager Mark von Hörsten (right) explains staff manager Stefan Müller (from left), mayor Mark Lahmann and economic promoter Thomas Müller about the work in the tire warehouse. Source: Andreas Kannegießer

Both have gained an overview of the activities and events in such a facility. Bürgermeiser Lahmann emphasized during his visit that he was particularly pleased to have won with Honold a medium-sized family business as a real estate owner, since there is a different relationship to the community than with large investors.

The company Honold Contract Logistics GmbH wants a more efficient internet connection at its location in Bantorfer Gewerbegebiet Nord. The logistics company has to move large amounts of data to organize the shipping of tires, as branch manager Mark von Hörsten explained on Monday to representatives of the city of Barsinghausen during a factory tour. “We are here on the subject of DSL here schmaltbrüstig set,” said von Hörsten. The German Telekom is doing the upgrade of the lines “incredibly difficult”. There have been attempts since the beginning of the year, but since then, the telecom has repeatedly started from new earthworks.

The company Honold operates a tire depot on behalf of Continental AG in the logistics center in Bantorf, which was completed about two years ago and is now almost fully utilized. The so-called Regional Distribution Center (RDC) supplies car tires to tire dealers and car dealerships throughout northern Germany, as Hörsten explains. Accordingly, in the huge hall directly at the Bantorfer S-Bahn station, up to 200,000 tires of all sizes common for passenger cars are stored on an area of ​​around 14,500 square meters. Honold supplies the Conti customers with ten of its own medium-sized trucks and trains, smaller orders are also handled with the help of external delivery companies. “Orders received by 6 pm will be delivered the next day,” reported von Hörsten.

Machine and manual work are combined in the compilation of the deliveries: The tires are stored in the high-bay warehouse in specially designed storage racks and are collected from there using large forklift trucks. When loading the delivery vehicles, however, the employees must then manually stack the tires according to the respective delivery route on the loading area. “The tires that are delivered last must be loaded on the vehicle first,” said the branch manager.

The Bantorfer logistics center employs around 40 people, six of them in the commercial sector. Half of the remainder is distributed to drivers and warehouse employees, Hörsten told the visitors. In the two peak seasons for tire sales – in spring and autumn – the team is also supported by seasonal workers.

When looking for staff, the company Honold also notes that skilled workers are becoming increasingly scarce. Currently looking for a driver, said von Hörsten. “This is difficult. The search has been going on for eight weeks. “Fewer and fewer people have the truck driver’s license, and long-distance traffic is more attractive to young drivers because of the higher income opportunities. By contrast, the drivers employed in Bantorf are always at home in the evening after their day trips through northern Germany. The Honold executives expect a further aggravation of the situation: “In the future it will probably even harder to win drivers,” said von Hörsten. (Source: New Press)