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Honold history


Royal Bavarian Rollfuhrunternehmen

Founded in 1879 by Heinrich Honold as Royal Bavarian Rollfuhrunternehmen in Ulm. The former field of activity is furniture transport and coal trading.

1930 - 1939


At the beginning of the thirties, the first truck was bought, and trading in heating oil started. Honold has a truck and 8 horses. In the middle of the thirties moved from Baden-Württemberg to Bavaria / Neu-Ulm in the Schützenstraße.

1939 - 1945

Car park

Honold is responsible for the unloading of the Neu-Ulm station for the Heereszeugamt Neu-Ulm in Starkfeld and the supply of the population. Honold also organizes the Kinderlandverschickung for the protection of children from bombing.

1945 - 1950

wood supply

During the Second World War, the Schützenstraße was destroyed. It was rebuilt in Starkfeld 47 in Neu-Ulm by Heinrich Honold and Dora Honold. The Honold Spedition is also involved in the timber supply of the city of Neu-Ulm. For this purpose one receives trucks of the American occupation troops.

1960 - 1969

Automobile forwarding

In the 1960s, the motor vehicle freight forwarding was set up with weekly lines to German destinations. With the entry of Hans Heiner Honold, the beginning of the cooperation in the field of forwarding begins.


Travel agency

The Honold Travel Agency Company was founded in the mid-1970s.



In 1976, Honold founds the German Parcel Service together with other freight forwarders - the most successful franchise organization in Germany. Also, further cooperation foundations in the field of textiles and food with the cooperation penguin.


New building Neu-Ulm

In 1990, the new building in Neu-Ulm for the forwarding and parcel service. Honold is in debt for 20 years and takes an enormous risk.

1990 - 1992


Construction East leads to the new construction of the DPD depots in Cottbus and Dresden.


Construction Czech Republic

Expansion in the Czech Republic as one of the first logisticians in Germany; the DPD locations Usti, Prague, Brno, Olmouc, Ostrava, Hradec are being set up. The structure is burdensome for the organization of Honold.

1997 - 1999

Building Switzerland

New locations are being set up in Switzerland in Bellinzona, Bad Ragaz, Schaffhausen, Zurich.


Founding Night Star Express

The cooperation Night Star Express is initiated by Hans Heiner Honold. Today one of the largest express service providers in Europe.



In the year 2000 the location Hanover (10,000 square meters) is put into operation. The System Alliance is also created by Honold and other freight forwarders.



Honold starts with five employees in Augsburg with forwarding activities in Affing.



Cooperation with Epple Spedition and new building in Memmingen.



New mega-location in Straubing with 40,000 sqm.


Strong expansion in Europe

New locations are opened in Denmark, Brondby, England, London and Dubai. The logistics area grows to more than 200,000 square meters. Sales reach over € 100 million for the first time. Honold is one of the fastest growing companies in southern Germany.


Russia and Romania

In Romania, Timisoara, the construction of a logistics facility on 100,000 square meters is started - the largest plant in Honold history. 10,000 square meters of logistics space will be procured in Russia, Moscow.


125 years

Honold Logistik Group celebrates its 125th anniversary.



In Korbach a new location with 30,000 sqm is being moved into.


Strong expansion

New branches are established in Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Villingen-Schwenningen. In Hannover Lehrte, a new location with 5,000 sqm is being moved into. Turnover exceeds the € 175 million threshold for the first time.


Wikipedia entry

In 2008, an article is published on the German Wikipedia page of the Honold Logistics Group.



A new location with 30,000 square feet. In the Night Star Express area, a joint venture is started and the Nuremberg area reopened with a branch in Eltmann. Likewise, with BMW AG, the largest single customer profit in the company's history is acquired.



In Hungary, a new location with 30,000 square meters is founded.


New building Augsburg

In 2009, the Honold Logistik Group is investing 15 million euros in a new building in Augsburg.


Environmental protection as a goal

Honold wants to become not only the most modern IT but also an environmentally friendly logistics company. It is investing in renewable energy and solar parks with more than 6 megawatts are being set up.

2011 - 2012

New buildings Herbrechtingen, Sacalaz, Neu-Ulm

In 2011, another 50,000 sqm of logistics space will be built at the Neu-Ulm, Herbrechtingen and Sacalaz locations.


Health Care Logistics

Honold launches the Health Care industry solution and builds 10,000 square meters in Bavaria, Neu-Ulm and another 13,000 square meters in Romania, Timisoara for the pharmaceutical industry.


Real estate new buildings

With an area increase of 100,000 square meters, Honold reaches a new record in the field of logistics. Many of the properties are created by Honold-Facility itself. For example, the new Honold property at the location in Aachen with 44,000 sqm.


Honold Invest a record amount

Three new buildings in Hanover, Bellheim and Vöhringen give Honold an area increase of 75,000 sqm. 150 employees are hired for a logistics project with Airbus; In addition, the first automatic small parts warehouse with over 100,000 seats is ordered.