Track & Trace

Mit Honold Track & Trace, haben Sie die Möglichkeit den Status Ihrer Sendung über das Internet zu verfolgen. Für die detaillierte Statusabfrage sind ein Benutzername und ein Passwort erforderlich. Dieses erhalten Sie nach der Anmeldung von uns zugeschickt. Fordern Sie Ihre Anmeldedaten bei Ihrem Ansprechpartner oder via unser Kontaktformular an.

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Anmeldung mit Zugangsdaten

Colli Suche

Sie haben die Möglichkeit, auch ohne Anmeldung nach Ihrem Packstück zu suchen. Geben Sie einfach in das untenstehende Feld die Colli-Nr. ein (ohne Prüfziffer).


We invest all our energy for satisfied customers and employees. Together we want to develop further and become even more successful.


  • Our corporate culture is open, fair and cooperative.
  • As a large medium-sized business group, we are fast-growing and future-oriented. Our strength is the combination of tradition and innovation.
  • Progress for us is state-of-the-art IT technology and the latest equipment.
  • We are technically one of the leading companies in logistics.
  • Education and training is the basis for the future for each of us.
  • We want self-confident employees with high professional and social competence.
  • A high standard of cleanliness, quality thinking and environmental awareness characterizes our appearance.
  • Our modern environmental policy combines ecological and economic needs. In line with our slogan “logistics is green”, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature and, through our “thinking in generations”, support the sustainable reduction of the environmental impact of operations.
  • Preventing accidents, as well as avoiding and minimizing hazards are important to us. Occupational health and safety take precedence over other corporate goals.