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The Honold Contract Logistics locations in Korbach and Barsinghausen have successfully introduced a Track & Trace system to enable the customer real-time tracking.

The Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) supply customers of Continental AG, Germany’s largest tire manufacturer, with car and truck tires. In the 24-hour service, the recipients receive their tires through Honold’s own trucks, which are reliably delivered by experienced drivers in fixed time windows.

So far, the current delivery information could be queried only if necessary by telephone with the drivers. After their return to the RDC, the acknowledged delivery notes were reported back to the customer’s own SAP system, enabling Continental service employees to recognize a status in the system from that moment on.

From now on, the delivery vehicles are equipped with tablets. It has software installed on it that allows drivers to set a status for each consignee for each consignee that contains delivery information. Thus, the individual shipment status is available directly after delivery via a website that can be viewed in the service center. This allows consignment inquiries to be answered online shortly after the tire has been delivered, without having to consult the delivery driver. This means a time gain, since the previous “message chain” is eliminated.

The driver also has the opportunity to provide information about refusals of acceptance or faulty deliveries. This information is available for further processing during the delivery run.

Another step in completing the shipment tracking is the involvement of transportation partners, some of whom work with their own shipment tracking systems. The data provided will also be transferred to the website established by Honold Contract Logistic. There they are available to the clerks.