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A proven team: Deputy Honold Sales Manager Michael Klim and Managing Director of the ZURRPACK Hans-Günter Gaule with Sales Director Ralf Werner and Sarah Lehmann from Marketing.

Red, blue, green ribbons. Chains, hooks and ratchets of metal. The foyer of the company ZURRPACK in Dornstadt gives visitors an immediate impression that it is safe to use the products of the Swabian manufacturer. For 33 years ZURRACK has been attracted and connected.

“Our products are used everywhere where goods are moved,” explains managing partner Hans-Günter Gaule. Because the straps, loops, chains and nets are the security for any kind of movement. Visible and invisible, they capture the most diverse loads. This starts with mounting straps for tanks on cars, buses and trucks. And it ends with lifting loops, which heave heavy loads on cranes.

For the securing of loads in trucks, the risk minimizers also have load securing nets and anti-slip mats in their program. The toughest of the mats can be loaded with up to 82.5 tons per square meter.

“We see ourselves as a solution provider for difficult security tasks,” reports Hans-Günter Gaule. The head of the company says that his specialists can design a load securing solution for each load, which either connects them firmly to the loading surface during transport or keeps them safely under load during heavy lifting tasks. The company develops all necessary elements together with partners and sews or mounts them. At Dornstadt headquarters, the final assembly and shipping of the products takes place. Forwarder and transport companies receive everything they need to carry out professional load securing at ZURRPACK.

The range also includes lashing rails and clamping beams, which can be used to secure loads with positive or positive locking. “Our products are approved according to DIN EN 12195, the retaining straps fulfill the DIN EN 1492 for textile load suspension”, emphasizes the managing partner. How to use them correctly, convey the consultants from the network of SMEs.

With its 38 employees, ZURRACK makes over 4.5 million euros in sales each year. And the whole thing with smart thoughts on the future. For example, the head of the company has initiated and successfully completed a research project with several partners, in which alternatives to renewable resources were found for the petroleum-based raw materials of the stable fabric tapes. And with the know-how from the secure and load-stable lashing Hans-Günter Gaule has also founded a spin-off that takes up the latest lifestyle trends: the company elephant-slacklines. The Balancier ropes from Dornstadt with the extra soft hollow edges are even available worldwide.

At ZURRACK, you know how to connect stably. And that is why the cooperation with the forwarder Honold has been encouraging us for more than 25 years, benefiting from a familiar corporate culture. Since then, the logistics specialist has carried out all transports throughout Germany and Europe for the security specialists. “As a family business, we both share close communication at eye level,” says Michael Klim, Deputy Sales Manager at Honold. With the continuous development of the Dornstadt, Honold has also been able to register an increase in daily general cargo transport volumes over the years.

Probably because ZURRACK is so well versed in the conditions of success and safety of transports, the company also lends itself as an exemplary transport customer to the System Alliance shareholder: the loads are optimally packed – and, above all, almost ideal general cargo: compact, practical, good. By contrast, the Swabians hardly want premium services. “We work with our customers conceptually and planned – there we do not need any additional acceleration. For us, the standard run times of the System Alliance are optimally suited “, explains Hans-Günter Gaule.