In Neu-Ulm, the Managing Partner of the Honold Group presented the results of the past financial year. Managing Director Heiner Matthias Honold was in a positive mood because the company was able to continue the positive development of the previous year. The Honold Group looks back on a successful business year.

Growth of 9 percent
For 2018, the Honold Group reports sales of 265 million euros. (Previous year: 243 million euros). This is an increase of nine percent over 2018. Strong growth was achieved solely through organic growth. The purchase of the company Eiltrans with locations in West Germany and southern Germany is not yet included and only effective from January 2019. The pre-tax result (EBT) increased compared to the previous year and is again above the industry average. Heiner Matthias Honold describes the result as “satisfactory”. The company does not traditionally provide any further information. Both sales and EBT are thus better than in the previous year and are above the forecast. The number of employees increased from 1,357 in 2017 to 1,472 in 2018. Honold hired new employees exclusively at German locations. The number of employees at the Eastern European locations was kept constant, with significant wage cost increases.

New challenges await the Honold Group
At the annual press conference, Heiner Matthias Honold ventured an outlook on the 2019 financial year: “We expect sales to increase in a corridor of between six and ten percent, in particular through the purchase of an Express company with several locations in West Germany. In this context, the construction of another transport location in West Germany is planned for 2020.

The economic mood has deteriorated worldwide. In the transportation sector, however, Honold expects an increase in sales under pressure on margins. In terms of logistics, the tender management was rebuilt in order to be closer to the market in the future. Logistics is developing within the budget despite increasing competition. Eastern Europe now makes a significant contribution to Honold’s earnings.

Growth in logistics real estate
The Honold Logistik Real Estate Development division suffers from a sharp fall in prices, significantly higher construction costs and increasingly difficult conditions in the search for new properties. In spite of the market trend, Honold intends to realize several customer projects in the area of ​​new logistics real estate in 2019.

60 young people in training
At the recruitment date of 2019, a total of 60 young people will be in the ranks of Honold to be trained for later professional life. Honold not only trains more people than ever before, but has also significantly expanded its portfolio of apprenticeships and study programs.

About Honold Logistics:

Honold Logistics Group, developer of logistics real estate, industry logistics and transportation. Ecologically oriented logistics in the SAP environment with the claim to be a technological benchmark. 1,400 employees, more than 750,000 square meters of space at 24 locations. Green, as a signal color, is a sustainable way of dealing with nature and technical competence. Honold Logistik relies on high-tech logistics in the SAP environment. The company’s green signal color reflects its own demands for sustainability and efficiency.

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