The Honold Logistics Group has independent quality management and annually invests substantial resources in training. At a high level, we meet the requirements of our customers and ensure the quality of our service through the use of modern technology. Our high reliability and quality has been certified for years by successful certifications and recertifications.


DIN EN ISO 9001 sets out the requirements for a quality management system in the event that an organization must demonstrate its ability to provide products that meet the needs of customers and government agencies and also seek to increase customer satisfaction. Honold has been certified since 1996 and successfully completed the recertification in 2018.

EN 9120:2010 – AEROSPACE

Extreme demands on products and the manufacturing processes of the aviation industry are understandable against the background of the fatal consequences of faulty components. The service provider for warehousing and transport logistics is an important link in the process chain. Honold has been certified according to DIN EN 9120 since the end of June 2010 and successfully passed the transition audit to DIN EN 9120: 2010 in May 2011.


HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” and is a systematic way to food safety. Honold meets the HACCP requirement and has been certified since 2008. This means that we comply with particularly stringent, globally binding hygiene guidelines when transporting and handling “packaged and non-temperature-controlled food and food-related products”. We have continued to deal with this very intensively and have obtained the certification according to IFS Logistic on 24.09.2010 in Honold International GmbH & CO. KG successfully performed at the Neu-Ulm site. Since then we have maintained this certification (currently in version 2.1) permanently.


The international standard ISO14001 is the world’s most important specification of what environmental management in companies should achieve and focuses on a continuous improvement process. We are aware of the responsibility for our environment and the careful handling of ecological resources. We document this claim through a variety of activities in all areas of the company.


Application and implementation of the safe requirements serve the purpose of sustainably improving the damage situation at a logistics location, meeting all logistics security requirements, facilitating the verification in cases of gross organizational negligence, fulfilling legal security requirements (terror protection) and Acquire various legal security status (eg AEO). Honold International GmbH & Co. KG has been certified at the Neu-Ulm site since April 2016.


The VDI 2700 is recognized in the current case law as an “objective expert opinion” and classified accordingly. It meets the requirements of expertise, neutrality and independence. Honold regularly carries out extensive training and meets this requirement.


The EU Counter-Terrorism Regulations (EC 881/2002 and 2580/2001) oblige all companies to undertake very complex audit work in order to detect and prevent any terrorist business dealings that have been prohibited. Due to frequent updates of the sanction lists and the constant development within business relationships, it is necessary to constantly check and update them. Honold has been compliant with compliance since 2007.


The guidelines of the GMP and GDP, which aim to protect the health of the population against dangerous medical devices, are to ensure that only high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients or finished medicinal products reach the next production step or the end customer in their unaltered form. To meet the requirements of Supply Chain Security, we developed GMP / GDP compliant concepts in close collaboration with our client, which were successfully implemented and validated by an independent third-party audit expert.


The certificate AEO F bundles the certificates AEO C and AEO S. The status of Authorized Economic Operator creates various advantages. For certain customs simplifications (eg simplified declaration procedure, local clearance procedure, authorized consignee or consignor) the conditions do not have to be re-examined. Holders of an AEO certificate F may submit summary entry and exit registrations (so-called advance registrations) with reduced data sets. It is less frequently an examination of goods or documents made. If, after the risk analysis, a further examination is required, this will be given priority.


The General German Forwarder Conditions (ADSp) are terms and conditions of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Federation of German Industries (BDI) u. a. recommended for use. The market acceptance of the ADSp is very high. According to a survey, around 86 percent of the companies in the shipping industry expect the validity of the ADSp.
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