On 20 July 2020, Heiner Matthias Honold, Managing Partner of the Honold Logistik Gruppe, presented the company results of the year 2019. He was cautiously optimistic: The Group was able to continue its positive development and looks back on a successful business year. Currently, the persons in charge are making every effort to master the Corona crisis in the best possible way.

Growth of nine percent
For 2019, the Honold Logistik Gruppe reports a turnover of 246 million Euros (previous year: 226 million Euros) – an increase of 9 percent. The earnings before taxes (EBT) increased again by more than 15 percent. Heiner Matthias Honold considers this result to be pleasing; the company traditionally does not publish further financial figures. In 2019, an unprofitable location had been closed. This measure provided both for a reduction in the number of employees (since 2018 by 132 to currently 1,340) and for a further increase in earnings. At the same time, the number of employees at the Eastern European locations was kept constant despite a significant increase in wages and salaries.

Challenges posed by the corona Pandemic
In his outlook for 2020, Heiner Matthias Honold underlined the quick reaction to market shifts caused by the corona crisis: “In the first five months, our sales fell by 11%. As a result, we have consistently reduced business areas that are endangered by Corona and appear to be risky in the future.” Among other things, the Honold Logistik Gruppe parted with the tourism division, but was able to find a buyer who took over the team as a whole. The temporary employment sector was also reduced. The Group is preparing for declines in the business areas of tire, metal and aviation logistics. However, short-time working relevant in percentage terms is planned for only four locations beyond 2020 with a focus on aviation logistics. On the other hand, Honold expects growing sales in the pharmaceuticals and consumer logistics sector. In addition, another business area exceeded its targets after expansion investments in 2019, which also proved to be dynamic in 2020 and generated significant new business. “For the rest of 2020, we expect a decline in turnover in a range between 9 and 13 percent and a drop in profits of up to 5 percent”, predicted Heiner Matthias Honold. “Considering the current events, this forecast is within an acceptable range.”

Growth in the business segment of logistics property – anchor customer sought
The growth strategy in the logistics property sector, which Heiner Matthias Honold described as very successful, has been intensified in recent years and remains unaffected by the corona crisis. In a first step, Honold will lease a 20,000 sqm logistics building to the Husqvarna Group as of the 4th quarter of 2020. At the same time, the persons in charge will continue to develop the business segment dynamically. Specifically, a new anchor customer is being sought for a large new building with up to 40,000 sqm.

Young people in training
At the start of training in 2020, the Group will employ a total of 48 young people who are being trained for their future careers. The number of apprentices and DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) students will thus remain almost constant, as will the portfolio of apprenticeships and courses of study, “We are happy to fill management positions with colleagues from our own ranks,” emphasized Honold. “Our junior staff are generally highly motivated – we see this in everyday life as well as in trainee campaigns, for example during the Ulm education fair.”

Outstanding team
In view of the crisis, the Managing Partner looks at his team with respect and pride: “Our managers have responded perfectly at all levels, thus making the current, quite justifiable situation possible.” Beyond its own area of responsibility, the ´Group had provided city and district authorities with assistance in logistical matters during the crisis. Considering a possible second wave of infection, these efforts will not be scaled back, but rather intensified. “Personally and in the name of the entire Honold family, I would like to thank our management team for always acting adequately and the high flexibility of our colleagues in the last months! All of them have done an extraordinarily good job and are prepared to continue to do so”.

About the Honold Logistics Gruppe
The Honold Logistik Gruppe is an important provider of logistics and transport services and developer of logistics property. Green as a signal colour, which is used throughout the corporate design, stands for an ecologically and technologically oriented approach to work using state-of-the-art IT and logistics solutions, also from the SAP environment. The Group aims to remain the benchmark from a technological point of view; it currently employs 1,340 people on an area of over 750,000 sqm at 24 locations.

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