Performance of “My Fair Lady”, Ulm Theater

Neu-Ulm, 20.04.2019. It was an exceptional cargo that Honold Logistik reached in Neu-Ulm in mid-April 2019. With several trucks, the complete set including the inventory for the popular performance of “My Fair Lady” was transported from the Ulm Theater to Honold. In our logistics centers, the decoration is now stored on a pro bono basis so that it can be reactivated without any problems for its resumption on 18 June 2020.

Hans-Heiner Honold appreciates regional and cultural achievements. The logistics expert with body and soul not only enjoys the theater performances and concerts, but is also fascinated by the logistical background of theaters and orchestras. So it was for the former head of the Honold Group a matter of the heart to help the theater Ulm. When he heard that the theater lacked storage space for sets and props for the well-known national production of “My Fair Lady”, he informed his son Heiner-Matthias about this bottleneck. On his behalf, authorized signatory and Head of Business Development Logistics, Lukas Maier, examined whether support is possible. For the Honold Logistik Group, the promotion of cultural institutions is part of the self-image of corporate responsibility. “I think it’s important that companies support cultural institutions. As a Honold family, it is particularly important for us to support the local theater,” commented Heiner-Matthias Honold. It is therefore natural for the Honold Group to cover the costs of storing the “My Fair Lady”.

The task was not easy, because the Honold Group currently relies on every square meter of storage space itself. Despite the absolute desire to expand regional storage capacity through the construction of new logistics properties, the public administration has identified little new space. This is a difficult situation for fast-growing logistics companies with a high regional base, such as the Honold Logistik group.

Despite the tight capacity, finally, a suitable place was found in the logistics real estate of Honold to keep the “My Fair Lady” safe, dry and clean. Not only did it preserve the impressive stage equipment of the musical, but it will also make future performances of “My Fair Lady” possible.


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