We are focussing on the reasonable combination of economic and ecological factors. We are making a contribution to a healthy environment. Honold manages several biotopes, which were set up by certified plant builders. Due to its well-balanced composition of species, the Honold biotope ensembles are described by experts as “alluvial element” among others and classified as worth preserving. “Castor fiber” (beaver) and “Lacerta agilis” (sand lizard) are special biotopes that have been set up on over 4 hectares under the certified supervision of Honold – Logistics is green. Honold creates habitat for rare animals and plants. The biotopes with beaver lodge, sand warm-up zone and retreat stone pyramid as well as old forest stand consist, among other things, of poor grassland, wet meadow, creeks and several source points as well as valuable natural forest. Further measures taken by Honold Logistics is green:


  • Use of European emission standard 6 and use of eco-certified buildings
  • Conversion of brownfield into modern structures
  • Certificate according to DIN 14001
  • Energy-saving programs for light and heat insulation
  • Own solar plants
  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Waste separation
  • Own biotope areas of 40,000 sqm
  • Green IT data centre concept
  • Green roofing and implementation of electric mobility for new properties
  • Car park construction for space saving