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As previously reported, in June 2016 Honold started building a 37,500 square meter logistics warehouse in Bellheim / Germersheim. The property has an area of approximately 67,000 square meters, with a purchase option for an extension.

The 12 m high hall has 35 gates, several ground-level lorry driveways and an office complex with around 443 sqm. The entire facility was built according to the environmental philosophy of Honold with sustainable aspects.

The peculiarity of this property is that the property is directly adjacent to two European pipelines, including a pipeline for aircraft fuel. The planning for this new building therefore presented the Honold team with particular challenges. Thanks to the exemplary support of the municipality of Bellheim, the new building was recently completed on schedule.

The handover took place at the beginning of March.


We have also built another new building with the 2nd construction phase of our logistics facility in Vöhringen near Ulm, which was put into operation in March 2015. At the request of the customer, the construction of an additional 11,000 square meters of hall space began at the end of 2016. Despite extreme temperatures and the most adverse weather conditions, the hall was made ready for occupancy within a record time of just under 5 months. The outdoor facilities will be completed in the coming weeks. The new building has a heavy-duty floor and heavy-duty loading bridges, as well as the 11,000-square-meter existing warehouse, which is also equipped with a heavy-duty crane and a ground-level truck access to the hall.

In addition to these two newbuildings in southern Germany, we completed a 15,000 sqm plant with office cultivation in October 2016 in Bantorf near Hanover.

The size of the investment and the associated increase in space of almost 65,000 square meters represent a record in the history of Honold.